Who we are

Dr. Muhammad Kifaitullah Siddiqui is playing a key role for construction of masjid and management of madarsa. He is graduate from Karachi University. He has three children. He started to provide Islamic education from his own house by his children.

Our Main Objectives

  • Our mission is to provide Religious Education and constructing, expanding, organizing and managing of Daar-ul-Uloom.
  • Arranging religious education for local children.
  • Motivating the new generation to Islamic Ideology and teaching Namaz , Roza , Zakat , Hajj , Hifz-o-Nazra , Recitation and Arabic & Farsi .
  • Striving to act punctually on Islamic Rules and principles.
  • Giving the knowledge of Quran’s purpose and mission to muslims.
  • Helping poor & orphan students, and widows and helpless people.
  • Building a special educational institute of Islamic studies.